Data Wrangling with JavaScript: Printed!

My book Data Wrangling with JavaScript has made it to print!

The world of data is big and it can be difficult to navigate it on your own. With data all around us growing at an ever-increasing rate, it's more important than ever that we can deal with data effectively and efficiently to support our businesses and our customers, to be able to monitor and understand our processes and enable faster and better decision-making.

Box of books

Data Wrangling with JavaScript is a practical, hands-on and extensive guide to working with data in JavaScript. It describes the process of development in detail. It comes with working code examples that you can try out for yourself, but even just reading the book makes you feel like you are doing the work for yourself and gaining that experience. The book has a broad coverage of the tools, techniques and patterns you need to be effective with an emphasis on building out your own toolkit and understanding how to build flexible and extensible data pipelines.

Me and my book

If Python and R are the kings of the data world, why read a book about doing this in JavaScript? Exploratory coding and data analysis in JavaScript have enabled me to explore, transform, analyze and visualize the myriad of data that has come across my desk over the years. I was able to prototype useful data-centric code and then roll that code out to a production JavaScript environment. This seemed like a productivity win, rather than using Python and then having to rewrite parts of it in JavaScript, I did it all in JavaScript.

If you are into JavaScript then this might seem like the obvious choice to you, but at the time, several years ago, the typical wisdom was telling me that this kind of work should be done in Python.

Of course JavaScript runs everywhere:

  • Server
  • Browser
  • Mobile
  • Desktop

So why not have one more?

  • Data wrangling and analysis
Data Wrangling with JavaScript

When I started working with data in JavaScript there wasn't much information or resources out there, I had to learn it for myself. I wrote this book in the hope of making life a bit easier for those that come after me. I've already blazed these trails and in Data Wrangling with JavaScript I share my years of hard won experience with you.

The book is available now in ebook and print form from Manning.

Now go wrangle some data.